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Online Catalog Design

Creating the perfect web catalog design is vital as online and mobile shopping increases. Creating an online catalog requires a plan, cohesive design, and a user-friendly experience. Many companies choose to use an online catalog instead of paper catalogs to advertise products as an environmentally friendly, economical, and accessible (laptop, mobile, smartphone, tablet) solution to getting products out into the marketplace.

A properly developed responsive web design catalog scores well with Google and other Search Engines, and will provide exposure to consumers perusing the internet.

So how can you be sure that your website catalog is the best it can possibly be, taking into account the technical challenges and advantages of the web? What do you need to look out for when creating the perfect web catalog design for your store?

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Helpful information on how to get the most out of your website catalog template

If you know the buying habits of your customers, then you've already taken one step in the right direction towards creating a successful online catalog. The most effective design for a catalog involves dividing the different products into niche departments or categories. If you can identify your target audience and aim firmly in their direction by utilizing search engines you're definitely on the right track.

Making your web catalog user friendly will certainly help to enhance its appeal. If the design aesthetic of the catalog is inviting and easy to use, shoppers will be more inclined to put products into their basket and hit the all important "buy it now" button.

The use of thumbnail imagery, galleries, and product detail pages, are effective tools to highlight the different features of each individual product.

The information you include in your web catalog is also of the utmost importance. You need to inform your customers about the products, using as much detail as you can in a simple, easy to read format. Pictures paint a thousand words and good images are vital for any successful web catalog design. Each product should have at least one good, clear, quality photograph to represent it. The most effective images are often those that have a "zoom in" (and out) capability enabling the customer to check out the finer details of the products without filling the whole screen with a photograph or leaving the website.

Make sure that you test the design and usability of your web catalog regularly. Any glitches can quickly cause customers to click away from your website catalog and onto someone else's. Every individual page must be regularly checked for potential problems.

Having a call to action on every page and screen is also a must when it comes to web catalog design. This can significantly increase the amount of sales you convert from visitors to your website.

Make sure that your customers are well informed with purchase details, return policies, ordering instructions, and any delivery or shipping and handling costs, by making sure they are clearly displayed. Information and efficiency for your customers is critical.

Make sure that your online catalog follows these guidelines and you will soon have a very successful online business.

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